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“Then you will call and the Lord will answer; you will cry for help and he will say: Here am I.” Isaiah 58:9

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  • The Living Stones Church is located in South Bend, Indiana at 718 E. Donmoyer Ave. We value prayer as our relational connection to God and thus a prerequisite to all actions and the means to revolutionary advancement of the kingdom of God. Updates to the requests, words of encouragement and praises are welcome!!! Please add a comment to a post as an update - it would be appreciated and allow the people who are praying for you to stay updated on your needs for prayer…or if you want to have a request posted, use the “Living Stones Church” link below or by emailing Wally - there is a link below and on the "about us" page… WE WOULD ALSO LIKE TO START SOME DISCUSSION ON PRAYER RELATED SUBJECTS - SO IF YOU HAVE A SUGGESTION, EMAIL Wally AND THESE WILL BE ADDED ON SEPARATE PAGES.
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Prayer Room Pictures – October 2007

Prayer Room location:

 Prayer Room location

Prayer Room as you enter:

Prayer Room

Prayer Room Board:

Prayer Room Board

Sin Shredder:


 River Rocks (connection with territory):


Stone Cross at bottom of Prayer White Board:


Update:  by Wally – Jan. 16th 2008 – I goofed…..when I went back and reviewed these pictures, they were actually from the October prayer day!  So I changed the title……


6 Responses to “Prayer Room Pictures – October 2007”

  1. Jennifer Kress said

    Praise to Michelle and whoever else helped set up this wonderful online prayer ministry and tool. I just discovered it (Lord help us nonsavy computer users). I will be sure to access it more regularly from now on…Thanks to all that Living Stones does for its members and community. Have a blessed and happy holiday season.

  2. Lorinda said

    I LOVE the prayer room. I would spend more time there if I could but God seems to meet me where ever I am at the moment.

  3. Wally said

    I finally had some time to add more pictures for this page….it is a great place to spend some time! Come on out for one of the prayer days – you will be blessed!

  4. leonlevi said

    Why people need pay, about prayers???

    what do you think:

    • Mimi said

      Thank you for asking that question. Many people spend all of their life praying and do not have a “paid job” and any gift to them help them to continue pray full time.
      God bless

  5. Tami said

    Love your prayer room. What are the prayer rocks? I cannot read the notes and what is on the rocks forming a cross? People willing to pray for us are worth all amount of money.

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